What to do after receiving a phishing email, and no longer being able to receive emails

After clicking a shady link and getting multiple emails saying your inbox has been locked.

Prerequisites: Email familiarity, Anti-Malware software 

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Expected Outcome: Email is working correctly

Tools Required: Brower, internet access, Anti-Malware service

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Steps to Perform

  1. Log into email and test if email is working properly.
  2. Check the phishing email, and block the email.
  3.  From here use an Anti-Malware service of your choice, such as Malwarebytes (https://www.malwarebytes.com/) and check the computer for any malware by scanning all the files.
  4. If any malware is found remove it as the software says.
  5. Once all Malware is removed change the password on the email.
    1. When changing the password, don't simply add '!' to the end. create a completely new password for the email. 
  6. Now send an email from the account to itself to test if the email is sent and received. 
  7. If the email is not received then check some of the email’s other folders such as spam, archive, or trash folder for the email.
  8. If the emails are in one of these folders there could be a filter that is causing them to be sent here. Look for any filters that send emails to this location and delete them. Most of these filters will have titles such as “....” or “////” to seem less suspicious. 
  9. To access filters first hit the settings icon.
  10. Then click filters and delete any filters you see that look suspicious. 
  11.  Resend an email to the account and check if the email went through if it did then the email account is fixed.