Virus Cleanup (Windows 10)

To set a process of cleaning up a computer suspected of viruses.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with antivirus and anti-malware software, knowledge of common viruses and malware

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 60-90 minutes

Expected Outcome: All scans show no viruses/malware and all harmful software is uninstalled

Tools Required: Computer, Internet, Antivirus software

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Steps to Perform

  1. Ask what the member what they think may have caused the computer infection and search this for any known viruses or malware that comes from it.
  2. Go to a web browser and install an antivirus software to scan the computer for any infections. MalwareBytes is a good free antivirus and anti-malware software. (
  3. Scan the computer for any viruses or malware. If any are present follow the antiviruses instructions on how to remove them and restart the computer. 
  4. Scan again to see if any viruses or malware is present after reboot and delete these as in step number 3.
  5. Scan a third time to see if any viruses or malware is present. If viruses still remain then something at boot is causing problems.
  6. Sometimes installed programs won’t be picked up viruses so they must be uninstalled directly. 
  7. Hit windows key and search for “control panel”
  8. From here click on “View By” and set to categories 
  9. Under Programs click “Uninstall a program” 
  10. A list of programs should appear and click on the header “Installed on”. This organizes the list by the date installed.
  11. Check for any programs installed on or after the date of infection. 
  12. Search these programs to determine if they are genuine or not and remove any harmful programs. 
  13. If the program fails to pop up anything or uninstall after ten minutes restart the computer and try again.
  14. Once all harmful programs are uninstalled scan the computer again. If no viruses remain then the computer is clean.
  15. If viruses remain then a visit with the GTC will be required as possible hardware issues could be present.