Fix iOS Phishing Pop-ups

Phishing is an unfortunate reality of the internet. These steps will help remove the malicious attempts being made against your technology and information

Prerequisites: Familiar with closing apps and using settings

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Expected Outcome: Popup is gone and you can browse the internet again

Tools Required: Fingers, Brain, a little courage

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 5.00.45 PM-1Steps to Perform

  1. When you see a pop-up that looks scary in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, stay calm and follow these instructions to remove it. 
  2. Stop Safari by swiping up and pulling to the side on your iPhone (Older iPhones with physical buttons will use a double click). Locate Safari in the taskbar, then slide the Safari mini-page upwards so it vanishes.
  3. Tap Settings >> Safari >> Clear History and Website Data. Next, locate Security section and slide the “Block Pop-Ups” switch to the On position.
  4. Swipe/click to return to your home screen.

If you’re still having issues, call a Nerd at 865-622-2422