The Software NNI Uses

Here at Neighborhood Nerds, we use lots of different software to serve different purposes. This is a list of all the ones we use and what they can do for us to help Members!

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  • Antivirus - Built in anti virus is leagues better than it used to be and it is not as annoying as some other antiviruses. But if you are going to use one we recommend Malwarebytes as it lets you do full computer scans without buying its subscription. 
  • Remote Desktop - This is what we use to log into your computer and help you remotely.  We use Datto to do this. It is a robust program that puts a high priority on the quality of the connection.
  • HubSpot - HubSpot is what we use to help with workflow and CRM. This is the central “hub” for all Tickets and Member interactions. We host the Knowledge Base, Tickets, and all Marketing information on it.
  • LastPass - LastPass is the credential management system we use for NNI, as well as recommend to Members for its ease of use and ability to share folders and passwords quickly, allowing for Members to have a more self-sufficient method of managing passwords if they would like. 
  • Stripe - Stripe is the application that NNI uses to process all payments. It is secure and once Member payment info has been entered, it becomes invisible to all but a Stripe admin.
  • Slack - Slack is the messaging system we use for NNI Internal communication. There are channels for everything regarding the NNI process/divisions.
  • Google Suites (docs, gmail, drive, etc.) - Google Suites is used by NNI as an easy way to keep documents and email-based communication linked to GCI. More generally speaking, we use this as a “business email”.
  • Miro - Miro is a visualization tool that NNI uses to map out its workflow for each division both on their own and together with other divisions. It is also where the full company structure is visually stored. 
  • Trello - Trello is a workflow management system that is free to use and easy to customize. NNI uses it for smaller projects that still warrant their own dedicated workflows. We also recommend this to Members who are looking for an easy way to visualize workflows and task management. 
  • Ring (security monitoring, part hardware) - We use Ring for all of our security and we highly recommend it to Members for its ease of use and steadfast reliability. There are many different products that Ring makes and there is almost always something that can solve any security problem. We also have cameras scattered throughout our security system. 
  • YouTube (GTT, GQT) - GCI uses YouTube as a basic video sharing platforms for multiple kinds of videos. Gizmo’s Quick Tips (GQT) features quick tips about tech that users may find useful when daily-driving the device. Gizmo’s Tech Talks (GTT) are of a longer format and go more in-depth with technology with a more “podcast” feel to it. We also recommend that if Members want a quick and easy video sharing solution, they use YouTube and share the link with people they wish to share the video with
  • Tsheets - TSheets is an extension of Intuit Quickbooks and serves as a time clock for working Nerds. It records time worked, what was worked on, and the location of the Nerd (When they were on the clock ONLY) to verify validity of hours worked. 
  • Intuit Quickbooks - Intuit Quickbooks is the bookkeeping software that GCI uses to keep up with the accounting involved with the business. We recommend this service to business-level Members, and even offer to have us do it through Gizmo’s QuickBooks (GQB)
  • Carbonite - Continuous cloud-based backup of everything in your computer that we recommend for an extra sense of ease when using a computer. 
  • GoToConnect - Phone management software so the nerds can effectively communicate with and respond to members.
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant - Disk Partition management software used for easily creating clones of hard drives on Windows PC’s