WiFi Evaluation

All Member want super fast wifi everywhere in their homes. Many of the solutions available don’t get the job done. Also, even though they say DIY...they’re not! So, We’re here to help!

Prerequisites: Assisted with 3 on-site evaluations with GCW lead and soloed.

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 2 hrs onsite

Expected Outcome: Map of existing network. Capture of ISP, Modem, Router, APs, Devices, all cabling and existing WiFi. Record size of home, number of rooms, construction, interference, etc. Collect feedback from Member about desired outcome of improved WiFi.

Tools Required: Smartphone with camera and access to HubSpot; WiFi analyzer; Tape measure; Flashlight; Screwdrivers; Pliers; iPad with Stylus & Room Design Software

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 5.00.45 PM-1

Steps to Perform

  1. Call Member before heading to appointment to confirm they are still available
  2. Collect all required tools and name tag
  3. Arrive on-time and in a Gizmo State of Mind!
  4. Greet Member warmly and ask if your parking spot is OK or if you should move your vehicle
  5. Ask Member if you should remove your shoes
  6. Compliment Member on Neighborhood and Home
  7. Briefly explain the purpose of the Visit
  8. Quickly perform your tasks
    1. Record Internet Service Provider
    2. Record Modem and Demarcation Point
    3. Record Routers, Switches, Cabling, Access Points, Etc.
      1. Make, Model, SN, Etc.
    4. Record size of home
    5. Record location of rooms
    6. Record Devices which need Network Access
    7. Measure strength of existing WiFi network
    8. Record Construction of Home
    9. If outdoor access is required, record locations of power and coverage needs
    10. Record potential locations for Access Points or Mesh Devices
    11. Record access to power or possibility to run cabling
  9. Ask Member about any additional needs they may have for the WiFi
    1. Baby monitors
    2. Security Cameras
    3. Video Doorbells
  10. Discover Member's Expectations
    1. When would they like a proposal
    2. What is their timeline for this project
    3. What is their budget for this project
  11. Update all records in HubSpot Ticket
    1. Move Deal to Discovery Visit Completed
  12. Move to Sales Pipeline for next steps