How to Set Up an iPad

This GG will be used to basic beginning set up of a new iPad

Prerequisites: Need to know Apple Identification Information and a basic understanding of apple products and iCloud if needed

Difficulty Level: Member

Estimated Time: 1 hour (dependent on data transfers from iCloud or other devices)

Expected Outcome: iPad will be fully set up with all software and usernames/passwords ready to go 

Tools Required: iPad, wifi connection, possible backup of data if needing to transfer (from iCloud), and an apple charger


Steps to Perform

  1. Press and hold the top/side (dependent on generation) power button until the apple logo appears on the screen (If it does not turn on or a red battery appears, the iPad needs to be plugged in to charge). Then,  release the power button and wait until the screen turns white and says hello on it/swipe to set up. You have now entered the setup portion of the device.


  • If transferring data from an apple device with  ios 11/ iPad OS 13 or higher: You can use the quick start feature of the apple products to easily transfer data over a wireless connection. Simply click the quick start button on the screen when it appears and bring the two devices closely together, then onscreen instructions should appear to securely copy all iCloud keychain, preferences, and settings from one device to another.


  • If there is no data needing to be transferred from another device: Simply click the “Set Up Manually” button on the setup screen to begin a basic set up.


2. To begin a basic setup, connect to a wifi network that appears on the screen (we recommend your personal wifi or a secure wifi, but public wifi will work as well)


3. Next, Set up Face ID, Touch ID, or just create a basic password to keep your phone secure, if you would like no passcode (not recommended) you can click the password options button on the screen to skip the passcode section


4. If you need to restore data from an iCloud backup, Mac/Pc, or iPhone/Android Device you can do so on the next page, but if you do not need to restore any files simply click “Don’t transfer apps and data” to skip this section and continue on with the fresh set up. 


5. Next, sign in with your Apple ID. This will be the email and password associated with your iTunes account, which should be the same account that is on your iphone or any other apple products/software you are using. (If you don’t have an Apple ID you can create a new one by clicking the “Forgot password/ Don’t have an Apple ID” button on the screen.


6. On the next page, turn on automatic updates. This will allow your phone to stay up to date with new iOS and app updates. 


7. Afterwards, you will need to set up Siri on the next part of your setup process. Simply click “continue” on the siri page to set it up and have it learn to adjust to your voice through said setup.


8. Finally, you can turn on “Screen Time” if you want. Screen time is an apple software that shows you how much time you spend on your device, what apps you use during that time, and allows you to set time restrictions on certain apps or on the device in general. This is not a required feature though so it can be turned on depending on the member’s decision. Afterwards, your device should boot into the home screen and it is ready to go!