How to install a AUX to Optical(Toslink)/digital audio adapter

These are needed to hook newer TVs to older sound systems.

Prerequisites: TV with optical audio port that needs to be hooked up to AUX R/L cables.

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Expected Outcome: TV audio is output through the Optical port and into your AUX R/L speakers

Tools Required: N/A

Steps to Perform

  1. First un-package the adapter and organize the different cables it came with.
  2. Then plug the box into power using either a plug in power adapter or a USB power adapter plugged into your TV depending on what adapter you get.
  3. Then take the included optical(Toslink) cable (Usually a square looking cable with a flat bottom and a rounded top at the plug) and take off its tiny plastic protective coverings on the tips of each end.
  4. Then plug the cable into the optical(Toslink) port on your TV (it should have the same one flat side opposite the other rounded side)  when you do this you should be able to see a small amount of light coming out of the other end of the cable.
  5. After you see that you can connect it into the same port on the adapter.
  6. Once you have done this you can plug your red and white AUX R/L cables into the other end of the adapter.
  7.  After that is done you need to make sure your sound system is powered on and that you have set your TVs audio out to be over the optical(Toslink) port.
  8. If you hear a loud static noise you may also need to change your HDMI out audio mode to PCM if it is set to something else. (This is usually in the advanced audio settings of your TV.
  9. After this you should be able to use audio from your TVs optical(Toslink) out with your existing equipment.