How to Clean Out an iPhone Earpiece Speaker

This is the best way to clean out a iPhone earpiece speaker on any model.

Prerequisites: Must have a need to clean the earpiece of an iPhone (can't hear during calls very well)

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: ~2 minutes

Expected Outcome: The iPhone earpiece speaker will be free of any dirt/buildup

Tools Required: A toothbrush or electronic device brush; Maybe some canned air

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Steps to Perform 

  1. Grab a clean toothbrush (or an electronic device brush)
  2. Gently brush the earpiece speaker (at the top of your iPhone) to remove debris
  3. If needed, use canned air to blow across the speaker (don’t blow air directly into it). Or a vacuum with a small tip
  4. Make a test call to see if your speaker is performing better
  5. If you’re still having trouble, reach out to Apple support or an AASP