Update Your MyCloudIT RDS Certificate

Here are steps to update your MyCloudIT RDS certificate, including requirements, what will change, and expectations.


  1. You are able to use the MyCloudIT Schedule feature to schedule your certificate update.  To set this up, see Schedules for more information on how to Set up the Scheduler feature.
  2. Your deployment needs to be running during the scheduled certificate update. Please verify that other schedules will not turn off your deployment before or during the process. This process shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.  If you want to schedule this update during a normal downtime, please start the deployment 15 minutes before the update and you can shut the deployment down 15 minutes after the certificate update.  I.e. create a 30-minute runtime window. 
  3. If you have your custom URL and certificate, you still need to follow this update process. 

What will change?

  1. Your autords.com certificate will be replaced with a new certificate that will expire yearly. 
  2. During the certificate upgrade process, users will be disconnected, so please schedule this update outside of working hours.  
  3. Users will receive a certificate name mismatch the first time they log in after the certificate has been updated. See below for details.


Schedule the process to update after working hours. Servers won’t be rebooted, but if users are connected during the update, they will be disconnected a couple of times during the process (sessions will remain active). 

Ensure your RDSGW and RDSMGMT servers, at a minimum, are running during the update process.

How to schedule the update?

  1. Go to your deployment and select the Schedule tab.
  2. Click on Add+ button to add a new schedule operation.  
  3. Select Regular schedule (it defaults to Work Week).  
  4. Fill your schedule settings:  
  5. Name your schedule. Ex. Update RDS Certificates  
  6. Under Resources choose the option Select All.  
  7. Under Action, select Update RDS Certificates.  
  8. On When, select the date and time that best works for you. Please note: The deployment must be running during this update time. 
  9. On Repeat select No.   
  10. Click “Submit”  

Here is an example of the Update RDS Certificate schedule. 

How do I know if the update worked? 

Please review the Notifications Pane for the event Updating Deployment RDS Certificates and ensure it succeeded. If there was a failure, please open a support ticket through our dashboard for assistance.  

What to expect after the update is completed?

Depending on your settings, your users might experience the error of certificate name mismatch on their next login. By checking the box Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer and then click on Yes, they should avoid future prompts.