Replace Unifi AP

How to install a Unifi AP in an already existing Unifi system

Prerequisites: Knowledge of the network (Hardware, Layout, Names, Etc.).  Knowledge of current network addressing (DHCP, Fixed, Etc.).

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time:  15 minutes

Expected Outcome: Unifi AP will be installed

Tools Required: Access to your Unifi network. Unifi Access Point Device. Computer or Phone capable of running the software. Credentials for AP and Unifi Network Software. Optional: Network Map. 

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Steps to Perform 

  1. Connect the AP to your network and power it on
    1. Quick Start Guide
    2. Your Access Point should come with a Power Over Ethernet adapter. This will allow one cable to provide power and data to your AP. If replacing, you will most likely already have an adapter or a PoE switch installed. 
    3. Plugging the RJ45 connector into the AP will power it on. If connected to your network via a cable, the AP will also have data connectivity. 
  2. Navigate to the applicable UniFi application for your network via a web browser or mobile  app
    1. You can download any of the Ubiquity Software via this link - 
    2. You will need your Ubiquity Credentials to log into the software
    3. Using Mobile App video -
  3. If your mobile device or computer is on the same network via an ethernet cable or other access point, you will see the new AP in the list of devices. 
    1. You will now be able to select that device and configure it for your use. You will need the admin credentials for this device. If it's a new device, you will use the default "ubnt" and "ubnt". 
    2. Configure the device for the SSID you prefer and add a Guest Network if desired.