NNI/GCI Policy on Conceal Carry for Employees

Concealed carry of firearms is something that some employees may want to do while at work. NNI's Policy on the topic is that it IS allowed, with some basic rules and regulations

Rules for GCI/NNI Employees

  1. The employee MUST have a valid conceal carry permit, either from the state in which the MC is based, or a state that the current state recognizes (i.e. Tennessee recognizes North Carolina, Virginia, and more states' concealed carry permits)
    1. An interactive map to see what states honor other's concealed carry permits can be found here
  2. Before actively carrying on NNI premises, the intent to carry must be disclosed to all superiors (managers, owners, etc.)
  3. Proof of a valid concealed carry permit and photo ID (this may be the same item in some states) must be present on the employee's person at all times
  4. No firearms will be permitted in ANY disciplinary meetings - NO EXCEPTIONS
  5. Open carry is not allowed - concealed only
  6. The firearm must be able to be put in the employee's vehicle safely and out of general view, should a situation permit it

The reason we have these rules in place is to make sure that our Members still feel comfortable, even if they personally do not like firearms. Always remember to be smart and safe with any firearm, as any infraction of these rules will result in the ability to conceal carry on NNI property being revoked.