How to Effectively use Television Remotes

If you have multiple remotes for TVs, cable or streaming boxes, it can be difficult to remember what's what. This Gizmo Guide details some basics of Television remote controls

Prerequisites:  A TV with a cable box or streaming box connected with its own remote

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: N/A

Expected Outcome: You will be more familiar with the use of TV remotes

Tools Required: N/A

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Steps to Perform 

Note: Your remotes may be different from the ones in this guide. However, the general process and utilization should be comparable to this information

  1. Identify your remotes
    1. Your TV should have a remote. The TV remote will be marked with the company name at the bottom. It will look something like this. In this guide this remote will be referred to as the TV Remote
    2. If you have cable your second remote will look something like this. In this guide this will be referred as the Second Remote
  2. The first thing you should know is the second remote will not control any TV functions such as volume and power out of the box. Most second remotes can be programed to control the TV but not all of them
  3. If you want to control any of the TV functions use the TV Remote
  4. If you want to control any of your cable box functions you will use the Second Remote
  5. The Second Remote can be used for things like, changing channels, pulling up the guide, and turning the cable box (not the TV) on or off