How To Use Amazon Counter

The Process on scanning in and out packages for the Amazon Counter Program

Prerequisites: A device that is running Andriod OS

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Expected Outcome: Package has been scanned in or out

Tools Required: Android Device with 6.0 or greater

Steps to Perform

  1. When the driver arrives, grab the dedicated Android Device and open the Amazon Hub Counter app. 
  2. Inside the app click on Driver Delivery and scan the package. If you are having trouble try manually entering the tracking ID. 
  3. Make sure to scan all packages within 30 minutes of their arrival time.
  4. When a customer comes in to pick up their package tap “Customer Pickup”
  5. Scan the customer’s phone with the tracking ID or enter it in manually, then tap “Scan Package” and find and scan the customer’s package.
    1. If the customer is picking up multiple packages only scan one of their pick-up codes and select all the packages that belong to the customer. (One pickup code can collect multiple packages).
    2. If you have any issues where a customer doesn’t have their pick-up code, call Amazon Customer Support.
  6. After 14 days a customer’s package expires a notification will pop-up on the device notifying you.
  7. Scan the expired packages to trigger the driver pick-up and then set them aside for when the driver arrives.
  8. When the driver arrives tap on “Driver Pick-up” and select the carrier who is picking up the expired packages.