How to uninstall ring cameras/ring security devices and then add them to a new ring account

This is a guide on how to uninstall ring cameras so that they can be set up in a new place or on a new account.

Prerequisites: Ring system knowledge, login for existing ring, wifi username and PW, A phone/tablet/

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: it depends on the number and position of the cameras

Expected Outcome: Cameras will no longer be connected to the previous ring account

Tools Required: Philips head screwdriver 1.2mm in size. You 

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Steps to Perform for Removing the Ring Camera

  1. If possible use the ring app on the device that was last logged into the ring app that was connected to the camera that you are trying to remove and move to a new account. If not possible log into the ring account that the ring account that was associated with the currently installed camera. You should see a menu like this. 332C06C9-5BA8-4EB2-B690-9D442E5E1F36
  2. Select the camera/device that you want to remove (it will appear on the app as a snapshot of the video that the camera is taking and will be under the alarm section if it is a security device) Once you tap on the camera you will see a screen like this2C48ED70-DD94-4027-92B1-460E286307C4 then tap the settings gear to get into its settings and then tap device settings. 42BA40D3-948D-4BE7-981B-D55A92534483
  3.  Under device settings there will be an option for general settings 21B336C7-A8F3-42BA-959F-A019D3C8538Aselect general settings and then select Remove this device. (For the security devices there will be an additional step which usually involves hitting the pairing button or removing that devices battery.)49A96021-8DC9-4D56-9553-83EDBF833F1DOnce you hit remove device the device will be completely taken off the account.

Adding that camera to a different account

  1. The first thing you want to do when adding a ring camera to a new account is find out where the ring pairing button is on the device you want to add to a new account. The best way to find this is to google the model to see the position of the button. As the ring app will not always show you where it is because it always expects you are setting up a new device that is automatically in pairing mode. It looks like a small orange button that is usually behind a plate you will have to unscrew. EA969F0C-9650-4B85-8F09-8049C3291F15In the case of the ring doorbell and other near ground devices you will need the security screwdriver that comes with the ring doorbell. It is a torx screw size 6 and it is a smal orange screwdriver with a switchable head. 73EE4CC8-ECB7-4CFD-A87B-84DD8230B87A

In the case of security devices there will usually be a pairing button on the side but most likely they will be directed by default because they use the special Z-Wave signal that is put out by the security base.

2. After you locate and hit this button the ring device will now be in pairing mode and will be seen and be able to be set up on the new account.