How to setup a New/Factory Reset iPhone

Whether you have a brand new iPhone or are setting it back up after a factory data reset, these steps will ensure it's set up to your preferences.

Prerequisites: Access to WiFi or cellular network as well as Apple ID and password  

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 5-10 minutes 

Expected Outcome: Successfully access the home screen after making preferred selections during setup

Tools Required: iPhone

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Steps to Perform

  1. Turn the device on
  2. Select your language
  3. Select your region
  4. If you have another device using iOS 11 or later you may use "Quick Start" option and lay both devices near each other then follow on-screen instructions. If not, select "Set Up Manually".
  5. Choose a WiFi connection if available and input password if needed or use cellular connection if WiFi is not available (ensure you have inserted your carrier's SIM card first).
  6. Set up Face or Touch ID (depends on device) and pin code if preferred
    1. To bypass the Face/Touch ID, select "Set Up Later in Settings"
    2. Select "Passcode Options" to choose between 6- or 4-digit pin codes or to skip setting up the pin code
  7. If you have a backup you'd like to restore, select one of the options provided or select "Don't Transfer Apps & Data" if you don't have one
  8. Sign into your Apple ID if you have one or set one up
  9. Enable automatic updates and decide whether to share information with app developers
  10. Set up Siri and other features or select "Set Up Later in Settings" to skip
  11. Set up Screen Time if preferred or select "Set Up Later in Settings" to skip
  12. Finish by tapping "Get Started"