How to Schedule a YouTube Video

Scheduling a YouTube video allows for a more spread out approach to creating content and keeps upload times to a reasonable hour of the day

Prerequisites: YouTube Channel must be eligible to upload videos

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: Less than 2 minutes

Expected Outcome: Your YouTube video will be scheduled to be public at the time you've set

Tools Required: Internet connection, a video to upload

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Steps to Perform 

  1. Navigate to your YouTube ChannelGQT channel
  2. Select the "Create" icon in the top right and then choose "Upload Video"
    1. This will take you to YouTube Creator StudioUpload a video option
  3. Begin uploading your video as usual
    Video Details
  4. Select VisibilityOnce you are able to edit the title, description, tags, etc., select the "Visibility" Tab on the top right of the window
  5. Select the option labeled "Schedule" and a new box will appear with more optionsSelect schedule and set the time and day (pay attention to AM &PM)
  6. Set the date and time of when you'd like the video to be public
    1. Note that if you choose a time very soon and the video has not yet uploaded, it will default to being public when that process finishes
  7. Select the blue option labeled "Schedule" in the bottom right of the window
    When youre done hit schedule in the bottom right

The video is now scheduled, and you can change the scheduling (i.e. day and time) via the Content Management section of the YouTube Creator Studio