How to choose the right TV mount

Not all TV mounts are the same. Make sure you pick the best one for your setup using this guide

  1. Before you can start shopping for a TV mount you need to know a few things about your TV and setup.
    1. How much your TV weights
    2. What VESA mount standard your TV requires
    3. Where you will be mounting your TV and on what type of wall

  2. Once you have gathered this information, picking the right mount is fairly straight forward. The first thing to look for are mounts that support the VESA standard of your TV. Most of the time if the mount supports the VESA standard of your TV it should support the weight of your TV but it is always important to check the weight limit.
  3. While looking at mounts that will support your TV think about how they will work with your setup.
    1. Are there studs available if you are mounting on drywall?
    2. Does the mount need to be adjustable?
    3. How much clearance will the TV be from the wall?
  4. Once you find a mount that you like, follow the included instructions very carefully and be sure not to deviate from them.
    1. Tip: If you are unsure how high or low your TV will be once it is installed on the mount. Install the mount on the back of the TV before installing on the wall and measure the distance from the bottom of the TV to the bottom of the mount. This will give you an idea of how far to TV will hang from the mount.