How to add SFTP Users in WPEngine

If a user, member, or web developer needs access to the SFTP function in WPEngine

Prerequisites: WPEngine

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Expected Outcome: They will appear on the WPEngine site as a SFTP User

Tools Required: WPEngine Admin Account

Steps to Perform

  1. Login to the WPEngine User Portal:
  2. Click on the desired site name
  3. Reminder: You must assign SFTP users for each version of the website. If you create a SFTP User for the Dev version of the site, they will only have SFTP access to the Dev site.
  4. Click on SFTP Users
  5. Click Create SFTP User
  6. From here make a username and password, and choose the environment. Always choose the environment that matches the site you are in. I.e. if you are in the dev site choose the dev environment.
  7. Make note of the username and password. You will also need to make note of the SFTP Address and Port number.
  8. Once you have the username, password, port number, and SFTP Address provide all of these details to the new SFTP User.