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How to Activate Xfinity Internet Without the Xfinity App

This is the easiest and quickest way to activate your Xfinity internet service without any apps

Prerequisites: You must already have an Xfinity internet subscription

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 10 - 15 minutes

Expected Outcome: Your internet service will be active

Tools Required: An Xfinity compatible modem and a device to connect to itScreen Shot 2020-03-27 at 5.00.45 PM-1

Steps to Perform

  1. Connect your modem to a coaxial cable outlet
  2. Connect a computer to the modem via eithernet
  3. Connect the modem to its power supply
  4. Give the modem 10 minutes to boot then open a web browser
    1. If you are not automatically redirected to the Xfinity activation page visit xfinity.com/activate in your web browser.
  5. From the activation page click, Here highlighted in blue text near the bottom of the screen
    1. It does not matter if you do not live in an apartment or if you do not have Xfinity Voice. This method should work for any Xfinity internet subscription
  6. Select your method of activation. Select Phone Number if you do not know your Xfinity ID
  7. Enter your phone number and wait for Xfinity to send you a text message with a code
  8. Enter the code and you will then be asked to confirm your address and activate
  9. Wait 10 minutes and check your internet connection
    1. If your service is still not active the fastest way to get help is to use the Xfinity online help chat https://www.xfinity.com/chat/