Gizmo's Recommendation for Cable Alternatives

There are may different Streaming Services, and it can get very confusing very fast. This Gizmo Guide details the pros, cons, and pricing of all the major streaming services to date.


Hulu, one of the largest streaming services, is the choice of many as it offers relatively inexpensive access to many tv shows and movies. The service can also be ad-free, and have live sports and news based on different packages

Pros: Access to live TV including local channels, can be ad-free

Cons: Different live TV shows are packaged and put behind individual paywalls



Disney+ is a streaming service that houses any and all of Disney's Intellectual Property (IP). Star Wars, Marvel, Disney Classics, etc. are all there on Disney+

Pros: Access to all Disney owned movies

Cons: Paywall for Premier Access to watch brand new movies (goes away after a few weeks)



Netflix is the classic streaming service and has been around for a very long time. They have many original series and movies as well as other licensed content

Pros: Access to Netflix exclusives

Cons: Less extensive library of non-original shows/movies than other services


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a live alternative to cable. It is based on an existing YouTube account and will not only allow you to watch live TV, but also remove all ads from the standard YouTube experience

Pros: Access to live TV

Cons: No library of TV/Movies



Sling TV is similar to Hulu and offer many of the same channels as well as on demand content from different networks

Pros: Sling has more flexible plans then Hulu that offer a package of channels at a lower price

Cons: Sling does not have local channels



Arguably the worst streaming service, Peacock has a very small catalog that includes shows from NBC.

Pros: Has some very popular shows and there is a free tier available

Cons: Very small library



If you need any assistance into looking into any of the options we have recommended for you, or if you want our help with cutting your cable plan don't hesitate to give us a call at (865) 622-2422 or stop by our Member Center from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday thru Saturday! You can also get help by emailing!