Why Gizmo Cares?

So, it all started in a galaxy far far away...no...wait...that’s a different story. In the beginning there was sadness. Then, Mark & Leo said, “let there be help and happiness” and there was...and it was good...so they drank bourbon.

What’s the deal with Gizmo, Memberships, Nerds, Etc.?

Mark Armstrong and Leo Knight created Neighborhood Nerds in 2011 to offer technical help to people in the Neighborhood. They are both Nerds and live in the Neighborhood. So, they are Neighborhood Nerds. Simple right? Nerds in the Neighborhood...Neighborhood Nerds. We wanted NN to be available, affordable, easy to use, fun, etc. So, we decided to offer services as a Membership. Members pay a monthly fee to have access to Nerds in the Neighborhood. The Nerds live in the Member Center and offer all kinds of help. They are not technology professionals...they are smart users of technology with a very friendly, helpful, empathetic spirit! They all strive to be like Gizmo!

Why a Membership instead of break/fix? Well, we believe the most important part of our service is our unlimited availability. We’re always here to help with any questions a Member might have. We don’t want them to think about the costs or debate if this is a big enough question to ask. Also, Members don’t know what they don’t know...so, it’s hard for them to ask for help when they need it. So, we want to be involved in their lives all the time! Also, we want to help them avoid issues if at all possible. We can’t really do that as a pay as you go service. So, we decided a Membership is the best way to deliver the love our Members deserve.

So, what do I get with Membership?

  • You get a Member Center. Think starbucks meets cheers.
  • You get unlimited access to Remote Help Nerds via email, text, phone
  • You get unlimited access to Inside Nerds in the MC
  • You get access to all other services offered by Gizmo Cares, Inc. and it's subsidiaries 

So, Why Gizmo Cares? Like I said, Mark and I started Neighborhood Nerds first to help people in the Neighborhood with their technology. We quickly learned that Members needed more than just friendly advice about how to use their Technology. They needed real Technical Support, Advice, Installation, Repair, and more. So, we hired more resources and started offering more support. These additional services are offered on an as needed basis to Members. We will always let you know the costs, timing, complexity, etc. of every Recommendation and will never surprise you. You are in complete and total control!

So, what’s up with Gizmo? Mark and Leo were drinking bourbon one night while discussing branding and marketing for their new venture. “How do we stand out?” “How do we differentiate ourselves from the Geek Squad?” “How do we make technology less scary and less intimidating?” Mark had the genius idea to create a mascot to embody all the goodness and coolness of Neighborhood Nerds. Gizmo was born! Gizmo is a Platypus. Why is he a Platypus? Because he’s not like any other animal out there...just like us! He’s a little of this and a little of that...just like us! He’s perfectly designed for doing all of the stuff he does...just like us! He’s entertaining...just like us! He’s friendly...just like us!

Questions? If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us. You can email help@gizmocaresinc.com or call 865-622-2422 to get started. You can also visit our website  http://NeighborhoodNerds.com