We believe Membership is the only way to understand what our Members want and need. Technology is complex, complicated, and confusing. It is VERY stressful if your stuff doesn’t work the way it should! It takes time to know the Member's needs.

What do I get?

  1. Help when you need it for anything. There isn’t any other place anywhere that provides this wholistic approach to care for its clients. When you call, we answer and begin working on a Recommendation immediately.
  2. Access to Member Centers everywhere. The Member Center is only for Members. You can drop by to use the Internet, get a cup of coffee, meet with friends, get a glass of wine, get help from Nerds, drop off devices for service, pickup devices, print documents, scan documents, pickup deliveries, and more. The Member Center is your place to use as you like. Your Member Center is open to Members 1pm-6pm Monday-Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday.  Neighborhood Nerds™ are in the Member Centers 1pm-6pm Monday-Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday.
  3. Help from Neighborhood Nerds any time you drop by the Member Center. Our Neighborhood Nerds are smart, techie, energetic, friendly, empathetic, patient people who really want to help! They are NOT your normal IT people...actually, they’re not IT people at all. They are mostly college-age individuals on their way to some really cool careers who offer their care to our Members for this season. We ask that you limit your time with your Nerds to 15 minutes if other Members are waiting for care.
  4. Remote Help when you need it. 9:30am-6pm Monday-Saturday! Members can email for help, or call our helpline any time of day or night to get help with any issues.
  5. Access to our Gizmo Guides™ built specifically for Members. You can access them online any time by clicking here.

When do I pay more?

  1. First, you will never be surprised with additional costs. We use Gizmo’s Circle of Care™ to provide Recommendations. So, if something isn’t covered under your Membership, you will receive a written Recommendation from Gizmo indicating the costs, schedule, complexity, etc. before any costs are incurred.
  2. Please refer to to see what is included in your membership and what cost extra.

What’s the hourly rate for Nerds?

  1. Our Nerds come in all shapes, sizes, and skills!
  2. We have Neighborhood Nerds for helping with usage of Technology and general help with most issues. Neighborhood Nerds can also be used for watering your plants, feeding your cat, checking to see if you left the coffee pot on when you’re out-of-town, shopping trips, and more. We charge $49/hr for Neighborhood Nerd time.
  3. We have Bookkeeping Nerds who do much more than just enter numbers into boxes. GBA Nerds leverage methodologies from “Profit First”, “Good to Great”, “Built to Last”, “4 Disciplines of Execution” and a ton of other resources to help get all of your books organized, workable, and useful. We charge $115/hr for these Nerds and they are always trying to work themselves out of a job through automation and instruction.
  4. We have Residential Services Nerds to help with projects around the house like electrical, plumbing, construction, etc. We charge $65/hr for these Nerds and they’re worth every penny!
  5. We have Repair Center Nerds to fix broken stuff or make slow technology faster! We charge $75/hr for these Nerds and that’s a bargain!
  6. We have Networking Nerds and Audio/Video Nerds to make all of your Entertainment and Edutainment stuff work perfectly! We charge $95/hr for these Nerds and you’ll thank us when you use them!
  7. We have Business Nerds to work on Servers, Workstations, Printers, Networks, and other Enterprise type solutions at your Company. These guys are what you probably think of when you’re thinking Information Technologies. They are serious people with very little personality but you will appreciate them when you need them! We charge $170/hr for these Nerds.
  8. We also have Industrial Automation Nerds, Business Consulting Nerds, Investment Advisor Nerds, and Project Manager Nerds who help with all sorts of really important stuff. We charge $250/hr for these Nerds.
  9. We really have a Nerd for every Need. Go ahead, give us a try. We’re sure you’ll be impressed!