Getting Started With Discord

How to get Discord installed on your computer and create an account

Prerequisites: Know how to access the internet and use a web browser

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes

Expected Outcome: You will have your own Discord account and be able to join different servers

Tools Required: A PC or Mac with an internet connection

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Download Discord and create an account

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
    1. Click on the download link for your operation system
    2. Once the download finishes navigate to the directory you downloaded it to and run it
      Once you run the installer Discord will automatically install and greet you with the login screen
    3. From the login screen click "Register" to create a new account
    4. From the register screen, input a valid email address, a username, strong password that you can remember, and a birthday
    5. Click continue and your new Discord account will be created

    Using the Discord app

    Right now Discord is empty so lets join the Neighborhood Nerds Discord server

    1. Click on the plus icon in the server list to add a serveradd-1
    2. Click on "Join a Server"
    3. The invite link for the Neighborhood Nerds server is
      Input the link and click "Join Server"

      This is the homepage of the Neighborhood Nerds server


    1. The Microphone button an the right will allow you to mute yourself. The headphone icon in the middle will allow you to deafen yourself so you cannot hear others
    2. This is where text and voice channels appear.
    3. This is where the content of a channel you are in appears
    4. This is where servers that you are a member of appear