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GCI Loaned Devices Protocol

Every once in a while, a Member will need to borrow a machine from NNI/GCI while work is being done on theirs in GTC. This Gizmo Guide details the process for NNI to follow to complete this effectively

Prerequisites: Member must be in need of a loaned device from NNI

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus 

Estimated Time: Less than 5 minutes to loan out and collect after

Expected Outcome: The Member will have a device that they can use while GTC works on their machine

Tools Required: Nerd must have an internet connection and contact information for the Member

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Steps to Perform 

  1. Discuss with the Member what kind of device they will need
    1. Do they prefer Mac or Windows?
    2. What tasks will they need to use the machine for?
  2. Select the best fit from the machines that are available in the back of the Member Center
    1. Make sure to know what is and is not available at the time - some devices may already be loaned out, or in GTC for maintenance
  3. Have the Member fill out the Loaned Devices Google Form, a link to this form can be found here or at the bottom of this Gizmo Guide
  4. Once the Member has seen, read, and agreed to the terms and conditions, we can give them a loaner machine from the Member Center
  5. Make sure to take note of what machine is loaned out to whom on what date using the whiteboard in the back of the Member Center
  6. Once the Request which caused the need for a loaned device is completed, the Member will have 7 calendar days to return the loaned device as per the terms and conditions
  7. Remote Help Nerds can call the Member to remind them to bring back the loaned device, but more often than not, the communication that the request is complete from GTC will prompt a swift return to collect their device, as well as return ours
  8. After a Member has returned the device, Inside Nerds will send the device to GTC for it to be wiped, and made ready for the next time it will need to be loaned out


Note that the reason we do NOT loan devices to non-members is because if there are any damages to the device we will charge the CC on file. If they are not a Member, we do not have that information. 


Backup Google Forms Link: https://forms.gle/8dzSjYzGSHyTkg9B7