Email Forwarding 101

The basics of forwarding an email on different email platforms

Prerequisites: Email system

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Expected Outcome: Email has been sent successfully

Tools Required: Email program, Internet

Steps to Perform

  1. First find the email you are looking to forward and open it. 
  2. Once the email has been opened there are a few different options to forward the email address. We will first be taking a look at gmail as it is one of the most common emails out there.
  3. From the opened email, click on the three little dots to the right of the email.
  4. A forward arrow will appear in the drop down menu. The forward arrow will almost always be a right facing arrow where reply will be a left facing arrow.
  5. Upon clicking “Forward” a message box will appear, showing the previous email, the previous sender, subject, and date. Above this it will prompt you to write your own message. A new email will be sent to the new recipient with the previous subject and FWD: included in the title like this:
  6. However, sometimes you will want to change the subject of the email or the previous email information. For Gmail click on the forward arrow with the drop down menu in the forward dialog box that appeared earlier.
  7. This gives you the option to edit the subject and pop out the email into its own reply box. 
  8. From here you can also delete any and all previous email information, incase you don’t want the person being forwarded to know who sent the original email. 
  9. In Yahoo you again have to open the email and hit the forward button.
  10. From here it automatically opens up a new reply box, so you can change the subject line and make any other necessary changes. 
  11. Again for Outlook it is a similar process of clicking on the email and hitting the forward button.