Download an App on Android

Sometimes the process of setting up an Android device to be able to download applications can be confusing. This Gizmo Guide will aid in the process!

Prerequisites: Must have an Android phone with access to the internet, as well as a Gmail account

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes 

Expected Outcome: You will be able to download and install applications from the Google Play Store

Tools Required: An Android device

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 5.00.45 PM-1

Steps to Perform

  1. From the home screen, tap on the (Google) Play Store
  2. In the Search bar at the top, type in the name of the desired app and click the magnifying glass button on the keyboard. You may also tap on the name of the app if it appears in the dropdown list of suggested apps as you are typing.
  3. Confirm you have found the correct app and click ‘Download’ or ‘Install’ (these options depend on whether this is a brand new download or if the app has ever been downloaded before)
  4. Once downloaded, the screen will show an option to Open the app but the app will also appear on the home screen of the phone for easy access.