Connecting and Reconnecting Bluetooth on a Mobile Apple Device

Mobile Apple devices are very common, but their integration of Bluetooth can sometimes be difficult to understand. This Gizmo Guide™ can help with that understanding.

Prerequisites: Must own a mobile Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: < 5 Minutes

Expected Outcome: Devices will be connected to your Apple device and you will be able to reconnect manually if needed

Tools Required: Bluetooth enabled device and your mobile Apple device

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Pairing a New Device

  1. Open Settings > Bluetooth
  2. Double check that the Bluetooth slider is ON (right and colored green)
  3. There will be a list labeled “Devices”
  4. To add a new device, enable pairing mode on the device you wish to pair
    1. This method varies from device to device, so you may want to reference the user manual of the device to see how to enable pairing mode
    2. In general, pairing mode can be enabled by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button on a device. The Bluetooth logo is universal and will always be present if there is a dedicated button for pairing. 
  5. The device’s name will appear below the Apple device’s list of “Devices”
  6. Select the new device’s name

This should pair the new device automatically to your Apple device. Note that sometimes there will need to be a PIN entered to verify on the device that the connection is correct. This is most common on devices that would be more communal (a car with Bluetooth enabled, an Apple TV, etc.)


Removing a Device

  1. Re-open the Bluetooth page in settings on your Apple device
  2. Find the device you wish to remove in the list of devices
  3. Select the info option (a circle to the right with an “i” inside)
  4. A new page will appear and show the option to “Forget This Device”
  5. Select “Forget This Device”

This will make your Apple device no longer automatically connect to a device by removing it from the Apple device’s memory. You can always add the device back by re-pairing it as a new device (follow the steps above).


Manually Disconnecting a Device

 Method 1: Command Center

  1. Open Command Center by sliding up from the bottom of your screen (Older Apple devices) or sliding down from the top right corner of your screen (Newer Apple devices)
  2. Select the Bluetooth logo (you can toggle between on and off)
    1. If the logo is grayed-out, Bluetooth has been disabled
    2. If the logo has color (Blue by default), Bluetooth is active

 Method 2: Settings

  1. Go back to Settings > Bluetooth
  2. Select the info option on the device you are currently connected to (The device will say “Connected” next to it)
  3. Select the option labeled “Disconnect”

These methods will keep the device paired to your Apple device, but it will not actively be used until it is re-enabled.