Closing Apps on an Apple Device

Open apps on an iPhone can drain battery and decrease the speed of the device. By closing the apps it will increase the longevity of your device.

Prerequisites: Must own a hand-held Apple product

Difficulty Level: Member

Estimated Time: < 1 minute

Expected Outcome: Apps can be closed

Tools Required: N/A

Steps to Perform 

1. Check what type of Apple device you have

     a. For one with an actual home button follow steps 2-3 (Shown as a .gif on the Right)

     b. For a newer iPhone (10 and up) that does not have a home button, follow steps 4-5 (Shown              as a .gif on the Left)


2. Double click the home button

3. Swipe up on the apps that you wish to close

     a. Note that steps 2-3 can also be used for iPads and other Apple devices with a physical home           button

4. Swipe up from the bottom and to the right

5. Swipe up on the apps that you wish to close