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What is Cleanup/Setup

Cleanup/Setup is a service that GTC provides and these are the benefits of having one done

Why do I need this?

Cleanup and setup of a device is essential to extend the usefulness of the device over its lifetime. The longer your machine is running, the more prone to errors you become and the cleanup/setup allows for not only the machine’s files to be cleaned, but also the physical cleaning of the machine itself.


What are the benefits of cleanup/setup?

With a cleanup/setup we will do a full top-to-bottom clean of your system. This includes checking for any damage to the machine, disinfecting all surfaces, cleaning the screen, and much more. We also install automatic backup services that will keep your system safe and secure, as well as allowing for a system to be restored in the case that it is compromised. We will also install Datto, the software that our Remote Help Nerds use to help Members with any technological issues over the phone. The service allows them to “remote” in and take control of your system through a secure service. We will also make sure that you have some form of malware protection that will further secure your system from malicious attacks. Lastly, we will make sure all software and Operating System files are up-to-date and the best for your use.


What does it cost for me to do this?

With a Membership for Neighborhood Nerds, the cleanup/setup will cost $125 and $250 for non-Members. We strongly believe that this is a very valuable service and with a Membership we will be able to save you Time and give Peace of Mind by prioritizing our Member’s cleanup/setups. We also recommend doing this at least once a year to protect your device as much as possible and with the Member pricing the cost over time would be significantly lower.