Gizmo's Computer Setup

We believe computers are VERY complex pieces of technology and should only be prescribed to certain Members for very specific reasons. If we recommend a computer for a Member’s needs, we make sure it is setup properly.

Prerequisites: Experience setting up computers; Experience installing Carbonite; Experience installing BitDefender; Experience installing LogMeIn

Difficulty Level: Member | Nerd | Platypus

Estimated Time: 4 hours

Expected Outcome: Computer will be clean, fast, and allow all functions; No popups or malware of bloatware; Computer will be familiar to Member and they will feel comfortable using it. LogMeIn, Carbonite, and AV are installed and functioning.

Tools Required: HubSpot, Cleaning Supplies; Internet Access; Member Billing Information; Usernames and Passwords; Belarc; Produkey; Carbonite; Hard Drive Sled

Steps to Perform

  1. If we’re cleaning up an existing computer, we need to take a few extra steps.
    1. For Windows login as user and run Belarc
    2. Belarc will generate a report of the computer
    3. For Mac computers, we need to check system information >> software >> installations to get a list of applications with install dates.
    4. Send the list of installed software to the Member for review
      1. Use Template for Computer Setup Program Questions
  2. Setup Gizmo's Admin account...Gizmo and a unique password stored in Credentials Manager
    1. GCI Admin Account: Gizmo
    2. Password: Use LastPass or SS Generator to create password
  3. Login as Gizmo
  4. Update Computer Name
    1. Computer Naming: Company or Surname (User or Function) OS-Computer Make-Model
    2. Create an Admin Account for the Member called Sysadmin. Create a password and store in Credentials Manager.
    3. Create a Limited User Account for the Member to use for day-to-day activities
    4. Remove all Bloatware/Adware/Malware
      1. For Windows - Use built-in Add/Remove Software Utilities to remove
      2. Remove all software identified by Member from Belarc Report
    5. For Windows - If Member doesn't have an AV Subscription, Install AntiVirus using our BitDefender Portal
      1. FREE - BitDefender
      2. PAID - BitDefender
    6. Install LogMeIn - If installing multiple computers, create a deployment package for Member.
      1. Computer Naming: Company or Surname (User or Function) OS-Computer Make-Model
      2. Create Member Group if necessary - Group Name - Member Last Name or Company Name
    7. If Member doesn't have backup solution
      1. Install Carbonite using our Portal and Member’s payment information
      2. Install local backup also for quick access in event data loss
    8. Install any updates needed for OS, AV, LMI, Backup, etc.
    9. Install any additional software needed by Member as identified by the Account Manager
    10. Run all updates
      1. Verify all notifications have been satisfied for updates, settings, etc.
      2. These are usually seen on the right side of the screen for Macs and near the clock in the taskbar for Windows
    11. Clean up printers...removing any that are no longer used by the Member
    12. Shutdown and Re-start several times
    13. Check System Logs to verify no issues with drivers or software
  5. Log into all of the accounts created
  6. Verify proper operation
  7. Shutdown for cleaning
    1. Vacuum any dust from fans, ports, openings
    2. Physically Clean the Computer Screen, Keyboard, and Chassis