Scheduling a meeting with a Member on HubSpot

Process of scheduling a meeting with a Member for Nerd Visits, device drop-offs, pickups, etc.

Prerequisites: An open ticket that needs a meeting scheduled

Difficulty Level: Nerd

Estimated Time: 3 Minutes

Expected Outcome: A properly scheduled meeting that shows up on both HubSpot and Google Calendar with all parties notified

Tools Required: Google Calendar, HubSpot

Steps to Perform

    1. Navigate to the open ticket for which you need to schedule a meeting.
    2. On the left hand side of the screen, find and click the “Meeting” button
    3. A “Schedule” pop op will appear.
      1. Copy and paste the ticket name into the “What are you meeting about” section.
      2. Click the “Meeting type” dropdown menu. Select the correct one. If none apply, leave blank.
      3. Click the “Attendees” dropdown menu. Select the Member that the meeting is with as well as the Nerd that is meeting with the Member.
      4. You’ll need to determine which Nerd is available. 
          1. Open Google Calendar .
          2. If a Nerd is not marked unavailable, they are open to schedule.
          3. Find a time that works best with the Member.
          4. Add correct date, and time that has been agreed upon.
      5. Duration will be minimum one hour since we bill for one hour minimum.
        1. More time can be scheduled if needed. 
      6. In the “Describe your meeting..” section, we use snippets that will fill in the meeting with the proper information and also save time.
        1. Type “#desc” and the “Ticket Description” snippet will appear. Press enter and it will auto fill.
    • This snippet directly copies the ticket description field. The Member will see this once the meeting is scheduled. 
            1. Type “#as” and the “Nerd Assigned” snippet will appear. Press enter and it will auto fill. 
        • Make sure that the proper Nerd has been assigned before using this snippet. If the ticket stage has not hit Assigned yet, the ticket creator will be assigned.
              1. Type “#info” and the “Membership info” snippet will appear. Press enter and it will auto fill.
              2. Next copy the URL for the ticket itself. This makes it easy for a Nerd on the go to access the ticket directly from their Google Calendar.
            1. If not already checked, check the “Add to Google Calendar” box.
            2. Click “Save”
          1. The ticket should now show that there is a meeting scheduled.
          2. Double check on Google Calendar that the meeting is scheduled for the correct time, date, ticket, Member and Nerd.
          3. Both the Member and the assigned Nerd will receive an email confirming the meeting.
            1. The scheduled Nerd needs to accept or decline (if for some reason unavailable) the meeting confirmation as soon as possible.
          4. A correctly scheduled meeting should look like the following: