Roles and Responsibilities of an Inside Nerd

The Neighborhood Nerd handbook touches on the responsibilities of an Inside Nerd but does not go in-depth, so this document serves as a “Cheat Sheet” to being an excellent Inside Nerd

Activities for Inside Nerds 

  1. Always follow Gizmo’s Circle of Care™
  2. Be ready to help members as they walk in (This is the #1 priority for Inside Nerds)
    1. When a member walks in, be polite and helpful, make sure to greet them with a smile, and if you are familiar with the member, use their name
    2. Offer the member water/coffee and create a welcoming environment
  3. When not directly helping a member inside the Member Center, check the calendar and Inside Nerds pipeline to see if there are any coming tasks. If assigned a One-to-One™ with a member, prepare by using Gizmo’s Circle of Care™ and any Gizmo Guides that may already be available
  4. Keep the Member Center Clean
    1. Wipe down surfaces and chairs
    2. Keep the coffee bar clean and ready for use (make coffee for members)
    3. Verify bathrooms are cleaned, stocked, and ready for use
    4. Sweep the floor when necessary
  5. Review all currently opened tickets in HubSpot in all pipelines
    1. Look for tickets that may have been forgotten or tickets where the member has not received an update recently
    2. Research and communicate to verify whether or not the neglected tickets are actually neglected (a member may be out of the country, so no communication would be necessary)
    3. Update members on the progress/problems regarding their ticket
  6. Write Gizmo Guides for internal and external tasks that may be helpful to other Inside Nerds or in the field with Outside Nerds
  7. Constantly be updating member profiles in HubSpot and make sure HubSpot itself is cleaned up to allow for more efficient use