Mac OS Quick Tips

As Nerds, we use all kinds of shortcuts, tips, tricks, etc. to get our work done and to just stretch our minds a little. Here are a few quick tips you can use in your daily life to get more done.

Prerequisites: Use a Apple Mac OS Comptuer

Difficulty Level: Member | Nerd | Platypus

Estimated Time: 1 minute

Expected Outcome: Cool stuff happens! Stuff just works. It’s like...magic!

Tools Required: Computer, Internet, a little courage...

Stuff to Try

  1. If you want to empty your trash of everything quickly...even if it won’t empty normally, try this.
    1. Open a Terminal Session - Spotlight >> start typing Terminal
    2. Type: sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash
    3. Press return
  2. Want to re-open a browser (Chrome, Safari, Etc.) Tab you just closed? Not just the last one...keep pressing and you’ll keep opening tabs
    1. Press: CMD + SHIFT + T