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Member Equipment Pick-up

We want to always care for our Members as we want to be cared for. Our goals is to save our Member’s TIME and give them Peace of Mind. Courtesy Pick-up/Delivery is provided as a courtesy to our Members!

Prerequisites: Performed Pick-up Service 3-times with Experienced Nerd

Difficulty Level: Nerd

Estimated Time: 1 hr

Expected Outcome: Item(s) are carefully inspected, photographed, packed, and collected. Member is very comfortable with our process and understands what to expect. An email with photo of equipment collected is sent to Member via HubSpot and recorded in Ticket. All cables, connections, locations, etc. are labeled so everything can be returned to its rightful location.

Tools Required: Smartphone/Tablet with camera and access to HubSpot; Label maker; Screwdrivers; Pliers; Packing supplies (boxes, blankets, bubble wrap, tape, etc.); Gloves

Steps to Perform

  1. Confirm arrival time with Member prior to driving to Member Location
  2. Arrive On-Time in Gizmo State of Mind!
  3. Greet Member by Name
  4. Ask if you should remove shoes and if parking spot is ok
  5. Set expectations. Inform the Member why we’re here and what we’re going to do
  6. Take a photo of equipment and connections prior to disconnecting anything
  7. Label all connections
  8. Properly power down equipment
  9. Carefully disconnect cables and other connections
  10. Keep everything neat and clean...don’t leave handprints on wall or other furniture.
  11. Be careful not to damage anything while disconnecting, carrying, packing, etc.
  12. After collecting equipment, restate the plan to the Member from the Deal
  13. Update ticket for Pickup with notes, photos, etc.
  14. Send email to Member with photo showing two photos
    1. Before we started
    2. After we removal
  15. Continue to other pickup location if necessary
  16. Return all collected items to Neighborhood Nerds
  17. Place in appropriate bins, label, update tickets.