Questions for Pine Straw

These are the question that need to be asked regarding matters concerning pine straw and the spreading of such

  1. What's your budget for this project?
  2. What's your timing?
  3. What's the size of the beds (how much straw will we need)?
  4. What are we covering with Pine Straw?
  5. What is intentional plant material and what are weeds?
  6. Can we dispose of weeds in dumpster?
  7. Will city pickup debris left on street?
  8. Do we need to treat for future weeds?
  9. Is this a one-time project or do we need to look into regular Spring/Fall service?
  10. Do we require any Landscaping adjustments/updates/improvements?
  11. Can Nerds implement the solution?
  12. Can we find resources to do this small of a job?

Some things I would ask if someone asked me to do this job. Again, there are many more questions to ask. The Nerds need to ask EVERY question they can and do all the research possible and document their answers. Show your work.