Question for a Leaky Roof of Ceiling

These are the question a Nerd should ask in matter concerning a leaky roof or ceiling.

Think about all the little steps like we discussed yesterday. They need to do as much of the Discover as possible to know which professional to bring in.

  1. How do we know the roof is leaking?
  2. Do we know if it's a pipe or the roof?
  3. Could it be the HVAC sweating? Has it always leaked?
  4. When did it start? What changed from when it wasn't leaking to when it started? Is the roof in disrepair?
  5. Do we need a roofer?
  6. Do we need a plumber?
  7. Do we need an HVAC person?
  8. You and the Nerds are too quick to jump to implementing (thinking it's Discover/Plan)'s've made a huge leap when you decide who to bring in as the "professional".

Please work the system like we discussed yesterday. Force the step-by-step of the Nerds. I need to KNOW if these college students can do this job. I don't want opinion...I want experience. And right now we have NO experience. We haven't tried to do the Discover the right way. Please walk them through it and don't lose the experience. Don't lose the opportunity to learn. Don't lose the opportunity to build the questions we need.

these are only some of the questions they need to ask and answer. there are MANY more. This legwork is what a Member is paying for...NOT the fix...only the leg work. So, give the Member what they're paying for...the front-end legwork and documentation. For example on this one. I now have a tenant threatening to sue me. It would be great to have lots of documentation from the Nerds of when this started. Why it started. Who are all the parties. All of the contact info. All of the dialog. All of the photos, videos, etc. All of the receipts. That's what I would value. Even if it's still leaking, I would have lots of valuable "Discovery".