We have a domain of for hosting the NNI brand. This domain was acquired from a seller with hosting on and we decided to leave it there for ease of use. The DNS is hosted elsewhere as is the SSL and the website. Hence, t

Prerequisites: Experience with Domains, Hosting, SSL, Websites, Etc.

Difficulty Level: Member • Nerd • Platypus

Estimated Time: varies

Expected Outcome: Website is up and operational with all functions entact

Tools Required: Access to SimpleSafe; Internet Access; Billing Permissions

Domain Hosting

The domain is hosted at and this is where you would renew the domain. DNS is hosted on as is evident by the Name Servers listed. The credentials for our registrar are in SimpleSafe.

DNS Hosting

The DNS setting can be adjusted by logging into using the credentials in SimpleSafe. Here you can adjust settings for email, web hosting, redirects, etc.

SSL Certificate

Our SSL Cert is hosted on and credentials are in SimpleSafe. You must log into our cPanel (credentials in SS) to generate a CSR that can be pasted into the system to renew the SSL Cert.